Supplier of Smart Digital Locks

BIOSYSTEM GROUP is a global R&D and assembly plant dealing in high-end technology intelligent products ranging from software/APP development to smart home and intelligent office equipment. Our products include Smart Digital Door Lock, Wi-Fi Skybell, Finger Scan/Facial Recognition Reader, Time Recorder, Cheque Writer, Door Access Control, Time Management System, Laminator, Binder, Banking Equipment and Paper Shredder, etc. With BIOSYSTEM’s latest Smart Home technology, life will get simpler and finer. It allows our consumers to enjoy and experience the convenience by applying different smart home solutions / systems in their residential, commercial and industrial properties.

BIOSYSTEM’s Head Quarter is located in Singapore. We currently have 3 branch offices in West Malaysia, and we have partner distributors in East Malaysia and Myanmar. Our production and assembly team in China strives to uphold the quality standards of our products. Biosystem products are now made available in various countries and are especially popular in the South East Asia region.

Besides intelligent office equipment, we also have Celebrities Live Broadcast Pte Ltd solely for the purpose of streaming Live shows to market products from all over the world while engaging well known celebrities to host our shows and we import products that are value for money and useful to consumers.

Company Awards

BIOSYSTEM received numerous awards throughout our years:

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